Testimonial Category: Flushing

Jung, Changyong

“I enjoy studying at Campus Education (Flushing) because the teachers are very friendly and educated and teach students like me, an English as a second language learner, very well. Teachers who do not teach English properly confuse second language learners. However, thanks to my teacher, I have learned a lot. I am very appreciative, happy, and thankful to […]

Azad, Abul Kalam

“I have been a student of Campus Education (Flushing) for about three years now. The staff and the teachers have always been very kind and respectful, helping me with any and everything I need, quickly and efficiently. They are extremely cooperative and willing to enhance the student’s potential. They even go the extra mile to […]

Panganiban, Mecca Inah Luistro

“CAMPUS Flushing is a very good and reliable school. The school and its personnel take good care of us. They always check in with the students, asking how we are doing. Quality learning is really their focus. I strongly recommend this school to anybody who would like to learn English in the best way.”

Lan, Qiao

“My teacher can always explain difficult academic course content in a simple way. He always provides contextual examples when students ask questions, and he always corrects students’ pronunciation and grammar errors in real time, so that students can retain what they have learned.  At the same time, he incorporates the latest news and world events […]

Zhang, Shaozhou

“It has been a blast! I have enjoyed taking classes here because of the great teachers who go above and beyond. Furthermore, my English has definitely improved.”

Kumar, Anuj

“I want to say, thank you to CAMPUS Flushing for giving me a chance to learn English.  Learning English at this school has been an excellent experience and will help me to succeed in the future.  Once again, thank you, CAMPUS Flushing!”

Zhang, Jianhong

“The Admissions Representative who works in the office is extremely nice! She always takes care of the students. She is truly dedicated. My teacher is the best teacher that I have ever had. He teaches very well. His classes are excellent! He works so hard! I appreciate him! And I love my classes!”

Lin, Yun-Shin

“My teacher is very kind, always provides me with help while I’m learning, and makes studying English very easy.”

Dirangarun, Najmah

“One of the best things I love about the school is the staff, starting from the office to the teachers, everyone is just amazingly kind and helpful, so I never find myself having a hard time to process the schoolwork. Also, my teacher is just amazing, and I love the way he teaches us, being […]

Chang Li, Lisa

“I have been learning English at CAMPUS Flushing for a while, and the school director, staff, and teachers are super nice, professional, helpful, and understanding. Also, they make sure that the students learn and improve in every class.”