I like the curriculum that teachers bring us every week

“From everyday language to academic articles, the teachers always find great materials to help us understand the American life both culturally and intellectually. The atmosphere during class is very lively where everyone can share their thoughts, as if we are part of this big family. I highly recommend any international students who are looking for great educational and social experiences to come here.”

-Wen-Lei Chiu

My time spent at CAMPUS Education has been undoubtedly amazing!

“The Admissions Staff is courteous, professional, and very helpful. Moreover, the students treat one another like family members. Best of all are the teachers who dedicate every ounce of energy they have to making sure that their students advance linguistically. I highly recommend this stellar school.”

-Kicho Sotir

Having studied at others language schools, I can honestly say that CAMPUS is by far the best.

“My counselor gave me royal treatment and processed my paperwork faster than expected. Everyone is friendly, and the overall environment encourages students to practice their English language skills free from stress or judgment. I also believe that the level of language instruction is superior to other schools.”

-Agata Natalia Lukowicz

I love my classes at CAMPUS.

“Teachers constantly treat us to exciting and multifaceted language practice activities and make sure that they involve all of the students equally. My Academic Preparation teachers have introduced me to Aristotle and Shakespeare, and I’m learning things here that I would expect to learn in a graduate college course. I have also learned a great deal about American culture. And let’s not forget the students. I have made friends for life here, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you, CAMPUS!”

-Minhee Kang

When I began my studies at CAMPUS education, I spoke no English. Because of the expertise, professionalism, and dedication of my teachers, I am now able to communicate with my friends and classmates in English.

“In addition, my writing and grammar structure skills have improved to the point where I have the confidence to begin applying to colleges and universities in the Unites States.”

-Luisa De Malta

I enjoy studying at Campus Education because my teacher (Shirley) is so kind and nice.

“I always feel relaxed and comfortable in her class.”

-Nattapat Papan

When I came to study at Campus Education, I felt happy because the students I met were very friendly and the teacher was nice.

“Whenever I have a problem, my teacher would always offer her help. Finally, I want to say that I love Campus, my current teacher, and the friends I have made here .”

-Jessada Lertsiwanon

I like Campus Education and enjoy studying here because my teacher is so great.

“That is the first reason. And I can feel that the other instructors are also very good teachers. The atmosphere of Campus Education makes me enjoy studying here. Thank you.”

-Maria Wie


If I had to go back again, I will choose CAMPUS Education to learn English for a few reasons.

You can find good teachers and very good prices. However in my opinion, the most important thing it is that first of all they are your friends, they always are available to help you and feeling these kind of things is when you really learn English because you can feel comfortable in the classes.

-Vincente Holgado

I am so happy in this school.

I like the good location-it’s in the center of downtown and is near the public transportation. Other things that I like are teachers. They are really nice and very friendly. Also school has comfortable rooms and good distribution of students.

-Eduwardo Garcia

What can I say about Campus… just Awesome!

When I went into the school the first day, they received me with a big smile, and since that moment, I had felt like at home. Campus school has a quality education system, with pretty personalized attention and great and funny teachers, but is more than that, you can feel comfortable and free.

-Oihana Lucas

Campus is one of the great schools to learn correct English with smart teachers.

“Campus is great! I learned English and got to take in the sights and the fun of New York City…”

-Gowthami B

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“Campus is great! I learned English and got to take in the sights and the fun of New York City…”
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