University Partners

University Partners for Students in New York and New Jersey

Three students smile and walk holding books outside university buildingStudents from around the world, and many living in the United States, want to study English as a second language (ESL). A significant segment of these students also plans to eventually attend university in the United States. At CAMPUS Education, we offer four distinct English language programs, including Academic Preparation, that help students gain English proficiency and attend undergraduate or graduate programs at U.S. universities. In addition, partnerships with several prominent U.S. universities offer exciting opportunities for our students.

You can receive English language training at seven CAMPUS locations throughout New York and New Jersey. All of our schools are authorized by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) to enroll non-immigrant international students.

Why Study English Language at CAMPUS Education?

We have welcomed students from over 90 countries to our English-as-a-second-language school. To date, we have served over 10,000 local and international students, with our mission of providing exceptional, accessible, and effective English language training. And we are proud to offer modern teaching methodologies that empower our students academically. As a result, CAMPUS Education students are admitted to leading U.S. colleges and universities.

Programs with Our University Partners

There are currently three university partners associated with CAMPUS Education. Each university offers a unique opportunity for students enrolled in English language training at one of our seven locations throughout New York and New Jersey. Learn more about our partners:

Felician University

This Franciscan university located in New Jersey will waive the Test of English Proficiency (TEP) for CAMPUS Education students who have successfully completed our Academic Preparation course. Ordinarily, taking the TEP is required as part of the application for admission. Find out more about the history, traditions, academics, admissions policies, financial aid availability, campus life, and athletic programs available at Felician University.

American National University

Students can apply to one of four CAMPUS Education programs for English as a second language and apply to American National University (ANU) at the same time. Whether our international students require more English language training before attending college classes or are processing their F-1 visa formalities, ANU and CAMPUS Education will work together for both academic success and timely transfer to the university program. Learn about the heritage, vision, degree programs, international admission requirements, tuition costs, and programs at American National University or by watching this video.

University of Fairfax

University of Fairfax (UF) offers graduate courses and certifications in cybersecurity, information technology, and business. Similarly to the program with ANU, international students can apply to a program at CAMPUS Education for English language training at the same time as they apply to programs at UF. The two schools will work together to benefit the student academically and to assist with any deadlines related to the F-1 visa process. More information about the mission, history, community, academic programs, and admission information can be found at the University of Fairfax.

Discover CAMPUS Education for English Language Training

International and local students receive high-quality English-as-a-second-language training at CAMPUS Education. What’s more, our university partners offer additional opportunities for students who are interested in pursuing higher education in the U.S. Easily accessed by public transportation options, CAMPUS Education offers four programs on seven campuses, conveniently located in Downtown Manhattan, Manhattan/Penn Station, Midtown Manhattan, Times Square, Flushing, New York, as well as in Jersey City, and Palisades Park, New Jersey. As part of preparing for future academic programs, our students gain experience in notetaking, class presentations, seminar discussions, and test preparation. To find out about the academic programs and university partnerships available at CAMPUS Education, apply online or contact us today.

Experience CAMPUS

Since we opened our doors in 1999, CAMPUS Education has addressed the needs of both
the local and international communities – educating over ten thousand students.