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CAMPUS has partnered with prominent institutions in higher education.

Felician University (The Franciscan University of New Jersey)

TEP Waiver Program:

Waivers are granted to CAMPUS students who have completed Academic Preparation (Advanced), the highest level in our academic programs. These students are not required to take the Test of English Proficiency (TEP) to apply for undergraduate admission at Felician University.

For more information on Felician University’s History and Tradition, Academics, Admissions and Aid, Campus Life, and Athletics please see the link below.

Welcome to Felician University – Felician University of New Jersey

American National University (ANU)

University of Fairfax (UF)

Our partnership provides international students an opportunity to plan their education path and may be helpful for prospective students outside the U.S. during the F-1 visa process. Students can apply to a CAMPUS ESL program and to ANU or to UF at the same time, and the institutions will work together to ensure the students’ success and timely transfer.

For more information on ANU’s Heritage and Vision, Degree Programs, International Admission Requirements, Tuition, and Student Catalogs please see the links below.

Homepage | American National University 

For more information on UF’s Mission and History, Community, Academic Programs, and Admissions Information please see the link below.

University of Fairfax (

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