Best Opportunities to Improve Your English as a Student

International students speak to each other in yoga studio after class

When students are learning English as a second language, they carefully choose the right school and instructors. And they want to gain facility and ease with both speaking and writing in English. At CAMPUS Education, you can receive English language training at seven campus locations throughout New York and New Jersey. We encourage our students to take advantage of every opportunity for English practice, as well. Here are some ways that students can expand their practice outside the classroom.

Ways to Gain English Practice Outside Class

English classes and labs provide opportunities for speaking English, but the time period is limited, and the content is often rather formal. International students who travel to North America to enroll in education programs are also interested in expanding their vocabularies as fast and naturally as possible. As every student knows, being able to explore subjects without the pressure of earning a grade can be liberating. Luckily, there are plenty of places and situations where international students can practice speaking English.

Watch Television and Movies

What could be easier? This activity can be relaxing, as well as instructive. Students can learn how to let the flow of language carry them along to understanding. With the choice of utilizing subtitles in the native language—or not—students can tailor the experience to their scholastic needs at the time. In addition, there are many programs of educational value, such as arts and cultural documentaries, movies based on English and American literature, cooking and cuisine, news programs, the natural world, and travelogues.

Students can expand their vocabularies by watching programs about scientific subjects or shows that emphasize business concepts and economic analysis. Here’s another tip, watch the same movie twice or more, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you catch on. If you go to a movie theatre, you can practice ordering popcorn, exchanging small talk with staff, or meeting a friend with whom you can discuss the film in English.

Join Groups and Play Games

You can join a club, meet others of similar interests using an app, or form a group for game playing or other activities. Whether getting together for a hike or to compete in a video game, students can get some great English practice while having fun. Take a class, such as yoga, dance, cooking, or art, where you can both listen to and chat with English speakers. Get together for coffee or tea after the class and practice asking questions, listening to answers, and exploring English conversation practice.

Individual Activities

Shopping is one activity that brings many opportunities for speaking to native English speakers. Ask questions at the grocery store, while clothes shopping, or when purchasing household items. Another way that students can avail themselves of English practice is by digital means.

You can choose podcasts or digital educational programs geared toward learning English as a second language, or you can listen to poetry or interviews on topics of interest. An inexpensive way to increase your use of the English language is to talk to yourself in the mirror. Recite passages from a favorite book, practice job interview questions, or rehearse what you want to say in class.

Learn English as a Second Language with CAMPUS Education

We offer four main educational programs, General English, TOEFL Preparation, Academic Preparation, and Business World. In each of these categories, students have the opportunity to learn with both local and international students. Many of our students are gaining English practice to continue their educational goals. Learn more about CAMPUS Education programs in NY and NJ. Contact us today.