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What can I say about Campus… just Awesome!

When I went into the school the first day, they received me with a big smile, and since that moment, I had felt like at home. Campus school has a quality education system, with pretty personalized attention and great and funny teachers, but is more than that, you can feel comfortable and free.

I am so happy in this school.

I like the good location-it’s in the center of downtown and is near the public transportation. Other things that I like are teachers. They are really nice and very friendly. Also school has comfortable rooms and good distribution of students.

I love my classes at CAMPUS.

“Teachers constantly treat us to exciting and multifaceted language practice activities and make sure that they involve all of the students equally. My Academic Preparation teachers have introduced me to Aristotle and Shakespeare, and I’m learning things here that I would expect to learn in a graduate college course. I have also learned a great […]