Instructor Category: Palisades Park

Mr. Jorge Taylor

B.A. in English from The University of Queretaro TESOL certified Teaching Philosophy: I view teaching as an interactive experience. It grows as challenges are met and overcome. The acquisition of knowledge is an ongoing process that involves meaningful engagement between students and subject matter.

Ms. Eileen Fitzmaurice

B.A. in English from Rowan University M.A. in Social Psychology from Columbia University TESOL certified Teaching Philosophy: It is very important that I create a comfortable environment and a safe space for learning for my students. Only then will students take risks in the classroom; risks that result in great rewards and optimal growth.

Ms. Alexandra Devaris Morgulis

B.A. in International Studies from Marymount Manhattan College M.A. in Environmental Studies from University College M.A. in Higher Education from Montclair State University TESOL certified Teaching Philosophy: I believe that all students have unique learning styles. My aim as the teacher is to assist my students to achieve their potential and guide them in their […]

Ms. Palmyra Dunn

B.A. in English Education from Vilnius University M.A. in Education, History & Social Sciences from Vilnius University TESOL and TEFL certified

Ms. Elayna Kong

B.A. in Human Services from Audrey Cohen College TESOL certified Teaching Philosophy: I strive to see students grow academically, socially, and emotionally in an atmosphere that is both stimulating and adaptive to their needs.

Ms. Angela Y.J. Bae

B.A. in Spanish Language & Literature from Korea University M.A. in Central & South American Studies from Hankuk University M.A. in Bilingual & Bicultural Education from Columbia University TESOL certified Teaching Philosophy: I hold dear to my pedagogical practices, and I have my students conceptualize what is worth knowing. Then, my students realize that quality […]

Mr. Gabriel E. Chelala

B.A. in Economics from Pace University M.S. in Management from The Stevens Institute of Technology M.A. in Education from Saint Peter’s College TESOL & TEFL certified Teaching Philosophy: I provide my students with an open mind, a positive attitude, and high expectations in the classroom every day. I believe I owe it to them to […]