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Kennis Leung

Certification in LCCI Bookkeeping and Accounting BPSS School Agent License Multilingual in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese

Kevin Kwon

BPSS Director License BPSS Director Certification Course Bachelor’s Degree in Economics Multilingual in Korean and English

Cathia DeGand Baptise, ESL Instructor

Cathia DeGand Baptise

Master’s degree in Education Bachelor’s degree in Political Science Associate’s degree in Administrative Legal BPSS Licensed Instructor

Katrin Moshiev

Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing Associate’s degree in Writing and Literature TEFL/TESOL Instructor Certified BPSS Licensed Instructor

Thomas Andolfo, ESL Instructor

Thomas Andolfo

Degree: Master of Arts in Education Teaching Philosophy: A true teacher isn’t only knowledgeable in the classroom, but also shows leadership and genuine concern for his/her students’ success outside the classroom. In short, a teacher who cares and takes the time to motivate and inspire, whether by delivering a lesson or providing guidance and support, will […]

Conrad Schmiederer, ESL Instructor

Conrad Schmiederer

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in History Teaching Philosophy: For me, teaching is a lifelong process of learning. As a teacher, I learn from my students and colleagues. Through the exchange of information in the classroom, I improve my students’ skills, but also improve my educational strategies and methods that students and teacher may grow together.