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Luisito Samin

Luisito proudly serves as the School Director of Campus Education (Elmhurst). He is the founder, owner, and CEO of the St. Bernadine School of Allied Health, LLC, a renowned institution that since 1986 has been dedicated to the training of aspiring students, helping them to reach their future career goals. Esteemed and beloved within the student […]

Josefina Theriot

Josefina Theriot brings over a decade of dedicated service to the international education sector, driven by her passion for connecting students with the right opportunities. With extensive experience, she has played integral roles in various educational institutions, notably excelling as a Designated School Official (DSO). Her expertise in federal regulations regarding nonimmigrant students in the […]

John Kung

John is an experienced teacher with a deep love for English, employing innovative teaching methods to captivate students. Utilizing a Socratic approach to teaching, as well as humor, stories, and even theatrics, he ensures lessons are engaging and impactful. With over 13 years of experience teaching in a private-career-school setting, John has developed curricula and […]

Elvira Barredo

Elvira Barredo is an experienced professional in registrar and operations roles within education. For the past five years at Campus Education (Jersey City), she has been an asset, excelling in various capacities. Elvira’s passion lies in student assistance, evident in her commitment to their success. As registrar, she streamlines registration, ensuring smooth admissions with meticulous […]

Ryan Richter

Ryan Richter is an expert in ESL education. He has devoted his entire career to teaching ESL and improving ESL programs. Holding an MA in TESOL from Columbia University, he brings extensive knowledge and experience to his role. Ryan is dedicated to ensuring that the student experiences at the school are enjoyable and rewarding. He […]

Andrew Chong

Degree: Master’s Degree in Science-TESOL Education Bachelor’s Degree in Education-TESOL Education BPSS Licensed TESOL/ESOL Instructor Multilingual in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, and Malay. Profile Statement: Andrew’s Teaching Philosophy: I practice my 3Ps (Passion, Patience, and Perseverance) philosophy with my students. Accordingly, I believe that teaching with sincerity and with one’s heart will enhance students’ interest […]

Ana Chkheidze

Degree: PHD in Philology, Master’s & Bachelor’s in Translation-Interpretation. Associate Professor, Doctor of English Philology. BPSS Licensed ESL Teacher. Profile Statement: Ana has 18 years of experience teaching at different universities, schools, and international centers, and she possesses various teaching certifications. Ana is an instructor of academic-exam courses, such as IELTS and the TOEFL iBT, […]

Rufiya Makhmutova

Degree: B.A., Teacher of the Tatar Language and Literature Profile statement: Diligent progressional with a positive attitude and success-oriented goals. Customer-focused and highly organized. Maintains constructive relationships with colleagues. Has an approachable and friendly personality.

Ricardo Oliva

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Marketing BPSS Licensed School Director Profile summary – Network Speaker/Trainer with 30 years’ experience in Sales and Marketing and IT Management.